Security and stability

Advantage is unique that it provides both Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) table-based and SQL-based data access, providing a growth path for database applications to utilize enterprise-caliber feature sets.

Tables can be protected by 160-bit encryption

Advantage Database Server 12 is another leap forward in providing an award winning database management system. The newest version of Advantage continues its commitment to excellence with no administration, small footprint, and flexibility unmatched by SQL-only databases because Advantage allows both ISAM and SQL access to data.


Advantage Database Server 12

Advantage Database Server has in recent decades become the heart in many database applications of million developers worldwide.

ADS by version 12 has taken a big step forward when it comes to functionality, usability and performance. ADS 12 comes with many attractive improvements such as:

A clientless access to data by Advantage Web platform Odata web service. Now you can easily access from mobile devices, tablets, Mac or any platform with a modern development environment.

Online support to tables which gives you the ability to maintain Advantage data during the time that users actively has access to the tables.

  • Gain flexibility unmatched by SQL-only databases with both ISAM and SQL data access
  • Develop powerful data-driven applications for client-server and mobile environments
  • Scale from local to peer-to-peer to client-server environments with one set of source code
  • Install and manage without the need for a database administrator


Advantage ger dig en databas med hög prestanda. All postlåsning och bearbetning sker på servern vilket minskar nätverkstrafiken = snabbar åtkomst av data.


SAP Sybase Advantage Local Server is a FREE file/server database designed for local and peer-to-peer environments that can be distributed royalty free. Local Server uses the same code base as the full Advantage Database Server product which allows your product to quickly scale when the time comes.

To the data source Advantage is join against, it is controlled by a parameter file alternatively, through its own control in your program code.


In addition to the low purchase price (non-recurring cost) for Advantage, the operating cost is minimal. Advantage requires minimal hardware and no ongoing maintenance.

Development Environment

All development environments that can use OLE DB, ODBC, .NET or API can use Advantage. For Delphi, Visual Objects, Clipper and Visual Studio is also extended support in the form of RDD or Advantage components to use.

Start developing and deploying applications with Advantage... FREE! Advantage Internet Server supplied free of charge Free distributorship is included for Advantage Local Server! We are looking for distributors in Sweden. Contact us today for information.