Development of responsive websites


Website production

Let us create a professional and informative website for your business. You can follow our development in realtime which gives you the option of controlling and following the production. We also offer ongoing maintenance of websites. You can perform your own maintenance through our content management system which means the website can be kept up to date without extra maintenance costs.



Our capacity

We can help your business by improving administrative routines through customer tailored and effective systems. We have years of experience in system development. No task is too small or too large for us. When doing larger projects we take all the responsibility and make full use of our resources.

We can also deploy the finished product on our server and can because of this guarantee a fully functional application with no surprises on delivery.

We use .NET when developing new internet and windows applications, but we can also handle maintenance and develop existing systems written in ASP, Visual Basic or Visual Objects.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business!



Send SMS

Send sms directly from your computer. Easily type messages from the comfort of your keyboard. Remind of booked time, upcoming events, offers etc. Send sms to a group, send at times and dates to come, integrate with your own system - there are many possibilities. The software is free, you only pay for the sms that you are sending. Only 0,49 SEK / message



Dealer management System

  • Joint development by Dealer technicians, workshop foremen and sales people since 1995
  • Stand alone package interfacing with existing Dealer financial system
  • Multi lingual
  • Network, Mobile and Internet based system
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Advantage Database Server

Advantage offers

A reliable, high performance database with low operating costs. Support for multiple development languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual Fox Pro, Visual Studio and .NET

Elektronisk körjournal

SoftIT Position

SofIT Position är ett program som enkelt hjälper dig att bokföra dina resor och skapa en elektronisk körjournal. Låt vårt program göra jobbet åt dig, så får du mer tid till annat!

Du kan se vart fordonet befinner sig i realtid, låta systemet bevaka och skicka larm via SMS eller E-post om fordonet lämnar ett förutbestämt område. På så sätt kan systemet även användas som stöldskydd.

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