IBM Tivoli Storage Manager in a secure classified data centre

The automated service for secure online backup with fast and easy resetting of data over the Internet is based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and placed in a secure classified data centre. The data centre have redundant disk arrays, Both UPS and high security batteries have redundant diesel establishments. The files are backed up step-by-step, which minimize the time spent and space for the backup. Back up of systems can also be done online, even when operating. All data is handled carefully and you decide which data should be encrypted.

It is as easy as it sounds: Your data is copied every night to our platform placed in one of the most secure data centres in Scandinavia.

Easy and rational backup/resetting

We forward status reports to give you full control over your backups. The backup is administered through a web interface which makes it fast and easy to reset data.

Easy to caculate

With our online backup you do not need to think of:

  • administration of backup security
  • costs for machine and software
  • redundancy
  • scalable
  • storage
  • power maintenance and reporting

All is included and you just pay for how much storage you use.

Price per month

15 kr per GB. For more storage, please contact us for an offer.

For information and order

Please contact us via our contact form on our support page.